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Outcome 1 – Research

Here is some images that I used to help inspire my final images. These are a mix of both Interior and Exterior, I tried to find images that had the same style I already knew I wanted to aim for. This was all new to me as I have never shot any type of Architecture before.

Interior – Giorgio Possenti

This contemporary image ws shot by Giorgio Possenti.

This image by Giogio Possenti is rather satisfying to look at. I like the way the images on the painting on the wall corrolate with the objects in the room, the triangles match the black lamps hanging on the wall, the yellow chair is represented by the yellow circle and my eyes are drawn to the small white circular pot as being the white square in the painting – I feel like this has been done on purpose to draw the viwer in and this is something that appears in many of Possenti’s photographs.

The shot looks as though it is lit solely by the natural light shining in the windows, as this is the only direction the shadows are flowing in.

Interior – Stephani Buchman

Image result for stephani buchman glass
This contemporary image was shot by Stephani Buchman

Stephani Buchman is one of my favourite Interior photographers, her shots have a lovely aesthetic look and she manages to make sure even the reflections in her shots are lined up the way she wants them.

This shot is composed well, the chairs have been moed so that they are all equally spaced apart along the kitchen island. You can tell that all the objects, even the pineapples and smaller iteams, have been meticulously placed so they look clean and organised.

Interior – Robin Stubbert

Image result for robin stubbert photographer
This contemporary image was shot by Robin Stubbert

Robin Stubbert is a Canadian photographer who focuses on taking photos of alot of rustic, farmhouse style interiors, I love the colour pallets in each of her images, normally consisting of browns/beige, whites, and then a spalsh of colour normally found in some plants. I like this style because it doesn’t look set up, her images make you feel like it is what the room actually looks and feels like, it’s not a room set up to look a certain way for a photo.

Exterior – Rory Gardiner

Image result for rory gardiner photographer
This exterior shot was taken by Rory Gardiner

The majority of Rory Gardiner’s shots are taken creatively, they normally don’t show the full structure or building just a certain area taken from a specific angle. I like this style because it allows you to show the viewer a different perspective of a building or structure they might just walk past or think is “boring”.

I love this shot because the dark grey toned buildings contrasts surprisingly well against the light blue-grey skies. The shapes made by the edges of the building make the image pleasing to look at as they are all straight and there is no warping around the edges of the image.

Exterior – Alex Campbell

If a building has coloured light panels on it, try and get the sky to match the colour of the panels.
Image of the Harpa Concert Hall, Iceland taken by Alex Campbell

Alex Campbell is a Devon based Architectural photographer. I chose this image as a refrence for full building because I love the fact that he has waitied until the panels on the building changed to the deep blue to match the deep blue evening sky behind the building. A creative challange that I get from this image is finding buildings with coloured panels on it, and try to match the sky to the LED panel colours. The water is calm and still, allowing the reflection of the concert hall to be cast perfectly.

I would love to try shooting this style of image with either the V&A in Dundee or Perth Concert Hall in Perth. Both these buildings share similar qualities with the Harpa Concert hall.

Exterior – Chris Humphreys

Framing a building well.
This exterior image was shot by Chris Humphreys

This shot by Chris Humphreys is quite a classic exterior photography, this is the type of shot that you would see on maybe a real-estate website. The building itself is rather symmetrical, making it a pleasing to look at. I like the way Humphreys has perfectly lined up everything horizonally so it is almost splitting the image up into sections.

Interior – Larry Lefever

HERE is a great example of how to light up an Interior/room for a shot done by Larry Lefever:

How to light up an interior room with a Speedlight
Here Larry is showing how he uses his Speedlight to illuminate different areas of the room. Whilst keeping his camera in the same position on a tripod, he exposes for the window then sets about taking different shots of the room.

He starts by taking an overall exposure of the room, then lights up by the window, holding the speedlight close to the wall to get the brick texture, he then lights up the picture on the wall separately to not get any reflection in it.

Image result for interior photographs lit up by flash

At the end of the shot, Larry uses Photoshop to merge all the different images into one, well-lit photograph.

This is a lovely shot of a rustic looking living room, maybe in a cabin in the woods, to anyone just viewing the image, you wouldn’t really know the amount of work that went into getting that one image, which is essentially made up of several different images.

Exterior – Tapio Koivula

This creative, exterior architectural shot was taken by a Finnish Photographer called Tapio Koivula. Based in the city of Tampere, he likes to use the natural light and shadow to create the contrast in his images. This is one of my favourite shots by him as there is a great amount of depth to this image.

Exterior – Andrés Gallardo Albajar.0

Whilst searching for inspo for the Task 5 – Creative architecture shot, I came across this image shot by a Photographer called Andrés Gallardo Albajar. He is based in Estonia and take different shots from all across the world, I discovered him on a website called “Behance” and I’ve fallen in love with his work.

Link here to his work: Andrés Gallardo Albajar

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